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I recommend parents of college-bound students read Nancy Griesemer’s June 22 article, “ACT Announces Changes to College Reports That Could Drive Admissions Decisions” posted June 22, 2015. The author explained that ACT is offering 450 institutional participants in ACT Research Services assessments of students’ chances of success in specific courses as well as core courses but these results are not to be found on the ACT report provided to the students and families. ACT’s evaluation include data reported by students but not necessarily verified by ACT. Griesemer wrote, “And admissions could choose to admit, deny or recommend another major based on this speculation… But students are left completely in the dark, as nothing appears on documents they receive that would reveal what ACT is suggesting about their chances of success.”

A follow-up article on June 25, 2015 “Counselors React Strongly to New ACT Score Reports” brings up even more concerns. Griesemer explains that ACT is now offering colleges the opportunity to purchase individualized reports assessing an applicant’s “chances of success” in various majors and freshman-level courses.” [Remember, this is the same information that is not given to the student whose answers on the ACT exam and associated application are the basis for the “chances of success.”]