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From the Flashpoint Blog…

The University of Alabama in Huntsville has put up its credibility as an institution of higher learning as collateral to develop and market the invention of a twice convicted con man — and no one seems to be paying attention.

The “invention” in question is called Super Teaching (interchangeably used as one or two words). Here is the description of this revolutionary learning system from their website:

“Super Teaching is a three screen software automated information delivery system designed to help enhance learner retention in any class room mission. Super Teaching is mastered by faculty in only five minutes of training due to the icon simplified educator interface. Super Teaching class rooms move information around the three screens to create learner information redundancy; including images of the live educators ( now the star of the theater of education for highly visual learners ) – the learners who appear on the screens themselves and they never know WHEN creating a unique interaction for the learner – the content provided by the educator using their existing lesson plans no change – now made redundant to elevate whole brain impressions memory and retention – nature scenes to rest the brain to improve posting to cortex areas software managed from ST libraries proven to maximize the effect – and any plug and play input device from IPDAD to microscope including one click DISTANCE LEARNING using three versus two scenes with proven benefits. Super Teaching is patented globally”

And from the UAH website (link no longer available)

“SuperTeaching is a multi-sensory instructional system designed to utilize computer generated audio and imagery in order to engage learners. The SuperTeaching system includes three screens positioned at the front of the room, which display images in a seemingly random pattern. The images included in the pattern roll are those of the instructor, learners, course content, and nature scenes.”

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