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George Soros’ Open Society does not limit their contributions just to evil groups. For example, he gave a very large donation to the National Association of State School Boards (NASBE) a while back. And one of his Open Society board of directors, Mimi Clarke Corcoran was on former NC governor Jim Hunt’s board.

Former AL Gov. Bob Riley said at his last AL State School Board meeting in November of 2010 that he wanted to set up an education/economic development type foundation in AL just like former NC governor Jim Hunt’s. That was the same meeting where Gov. Riley said he’d been “waiting six years for this day” (the day the state school board voted 7 to 2 to approve Common Core in AL. Stephanie Bell and I both voted NO.)

Soros’s millions or perhaps even billions have had enormous influence on moving America to the far LEFT including the area of education.

George Soros Funds Activists Pushing Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Worldwide